About Us

Welcome to Avidity Medical Design Academy, your number one source for all subjects pertaining to healthcare. Here you will receive the very best learning experience at an affordable price, without taking a lot of your time. Each healthcare course is designed based on three specific qualities, tailored to your learning goals and needs.

Each course offers: 

  • Detailed comprehensive content at an affordable price.
  • Small bite-sized chunks of learning that you can “take with you,” allowing you to use what you learn immediately after you complete the course. You transfer what you learn to the real-world setting, whether you work in healthcare, you are considering pursuing a career in healthcare, or you would just like to learn about healthcare in your spare time, but you don’t intend to pursue a healthcare career. The content of each course allows you to adapt what you learn to your own environment.  
  • Case studies build on real-world experience. Each course includes practical examples for practical concepts and practical teaching in every course. This also helps you remember what you learn for a lifetime. The Free Action Plan included in each course helps you “hit the ground running,” so to speak, allowing you to use what you learn the minute you finish each course. Along the way, you also receive free Word Finders and crossword puzzles to help you reinforce what you learn in each course.


About Your Instructor (Sheila D. McCray, MS, CCS, CCS-P):

I have worked in the healthcare industry since 1987. I have worked as a medical claims examiner, medical transcriptionist, medical transcription quality assurance editor, healthcare instructional designer, healthcare subject matter expert, and online adjunct professor for several online universities, teaching a variety of healthcare courses. As a healthcare instructional designer, I write, review, and revise courses in physician and hospital reimbursement methodologies, to ensure accuracy and adherence to instructional and motivational design principles. I am also a certified inpatient and outpatient medical coder,  I am also the owner of Avidity Medical Design Consultants, LLC, an instructional design consulting practice specializing in curriculum development for the healthcare sector.

I look forward to having the honor and privilege of becoming your instructor, as we begin our journey into the exciting world of healthcare education and real-world application of healthcare concepts. Review the courses that are currently being offered. Sign up now for any of the courses listed below.

*****As an extra bonus,  if you’re still undecided, sign up for “How to Use Social Media in Healthcare (with REAL-WORLD Examples!)”

*****(100% free of charge with Free Action Plan included!)***** 

Hope to “see” you soon!


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    “How to Learn Professionalism in Healthcare (with REAL-WORLD Examples!)”

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    “How to Prevent Disease in Your Body (By Eating Fruits and Vegetables!)”

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    “How to Prevent Medical Conditions Caused By TOXIC People in Your Life (and Be Healthier!)”

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    “How to Read Your Own Medical Record (Learn What is in YOUR Medical Files!)”

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  • “Medical Coding Series (Part I) – How to Code Using ICD-10-CM (with REAL WORLD Examples!)”

  • “Medical Coding Series (Part II) – How to Code Using ICD-10-PCS (with REAL-WORLD Examples!)”

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  • “Medical Coding Series (Part III) – How to Code Physician Records Using CPT (with REAL-WORLD Examples!)”

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    How to Learn in the Healthcare Classroom (and ANY Classroom) (in 10 EASY Steps!)

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    How to Make Money in Healthcare Working from Home (Full Time!)

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  • How to Use Social Media in Healthcare (with REAL-WORLD Examples!) [100% FREE COURSE!]

Mission Statement

Avidity Medical Design Academy is a subsidiary of Avidity Medical Design Consultants, LLC, an instructional design consulting practice specializing in creating innovative curriculum development solutions for the healthcare sector. The mission of Avidity Medical Design Academy is to teach practical skills pertaining to healthcare-related subjects that students can immediately incorporate into their own lives immediately after completing the course. Avidity Medical Design Academy offers courses that extend far beyond teaching traditional healthcare subjects, but instead strives to give students the knowledge they need to immediately transfer what they learn about traditional healthcare subjects to daily living. Additional courses cover practical subjects that teach students activities for real-world application.